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Voici toutes les réponses à vos questions concernant les conditions générales de location. Pour plus d'informations, contactez-nous

  • Who is allowed to drive?
    • Anyone over 21 years old with a B license valid for more than 2 years. • The driver(s) designated by you and approved by AMARENT. • Electric bikes are available from 14 years old. No permit required. PLEASE NOTE: Only the drivers named on the rental contract are insured under the AMARENT insurance contract. Consequently, when the vehicle is driven by a driver not designated in the contract, the tenant remains solely responsible for all costs resulting from a disaster that may occur (including under the provisions of article L-211.1 of the Insurance Code concerning the driving of the vehicle against the will of AMARENT). Finally, it is reminded that the renter is solely responsible for the financial consequences of the use of the vehicle by any approved driver.
  • What type of license do I need to drive?
    • CARS, UTILITIES AND SCOOTERS: The driver must have held a B driving license for at least 2 years. • BICYCLES: No license required. Available from 14 years old.
  • How is it going for fuel?
    Fuel is the responsibility of the tenant.
  • What happens if I have a tire problem?
    All our 4-wheel vehicles are equipped with a spare wheel allowing them to be changed in the event of a puncture. Pneumatic repairs are the responsibility of the tenant.
  • What are the insurance and excess conditions?
    All 4-wheel vehicles are fully insured. An excess is retained in the event of a responsible accident or damage to the vehicle without a declared third party. The excess will be doubled for any tenant under 25 years old.
  • What are the conditions of use of the vehicle?
    The rental is personal, non-transferable. You can designate one or more other drivers. These must be approved by AMARENT and named in the contracts. The renter undertakes to use the vehicle reasonably. He assumes control of driving and transport, without affecting the proper functioning of the vehicle. You also agree not to use the vehicle: • for paid passenger transport, whatever the method of remuneration chosen and whatever the written or verbal commitment, • to propel or pull a vehicle, trailer or any other rolling or non-rolling object, • within the framework of competitions, • for illicit purposes, • for learning to drive. You undertake to keep said vehicle closed and locked outside periods of use, retaining the keys. They must under no circumstances be left on board. You must under no circumstances transfer, sell, mortgage or pledge this contract, the vehicle, its equipment or its tools, nor treat them in a way that could be detrimental to AMARENT. You undertake not to modify or add any equipment to the rented vehicle. The end of the rental contract is marked by the delivery of the vehicle with its original keys to an AMARENT employee, in the station, on the date and time stipulated in the rental contract. Otherwise, the end of the contract will occur at the effective time and date.
  • I would like to extend the rental period...
    Payment of the total amount is obligatory before handing over the keys. To extend the rental, the tenant must send his request 24 hours in advance and accompany it with the payment of the necessary deposit.
  • Cancellation of reservation by the customer
    Cancellation fees will be applied under the following conditions: see general conditions in agency.
  • Various...
    Prices and general conditions subject to change without notice. Credit cards accepted for payment. Cards refused for the deposit: Electron, Maestro, Online Cards Cash payments are accepted. Delivery price: • Nouméa (Magenta aerodrome) 1,750frs incl. tax • Greater Nouméa (Dumbéa, Païta, Mont-Dore) 2500frs incl. tax • Tontouta Airport 1,590frs including tax
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